True to type diploid cultivar and fruits have high market value with high quality yield. Variety is early Maturity cultivar free from all kinds of root and leaf diseases at the time of supply. Variety can be cultivated throughout the year. Growth of the fruits is uniform. Currently Available in Southern States Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Telangana, Tamil Nadu & Maharastra

Early broccoli seed

  Broccoli can be temperamental; if you plant too early plants may produce only small heads—called “buttons.” And if you plant too late—and plants mature in very warm or hot weather—heads may not form at all and plants may simply flower and go to seed. Time spring planting so that broccoli will come to harvest before uniformly hot weather arrives. Time late spring or summer planting so that plants mature in cool autumn temperatures. The Early Purple Broccoli Plant produces extremely flavorful heads of broccoli that are bright purple. - Ideal  for garnishes or used fresh in salads and other gourmet culinary creations - Once the main head is removed this variety will continuously produce many offshoots during the season - Also can be used as a sprout - Can be planted late winter and early spring - An extremely easy to grow variety that can withstand cold temps Day to Maturity  | 65 days Broccoli Seeds  | Start seed indoors 6 weeks before the last killing frost, for early spring crop. Pla

Shriyap Mushroom Ganoderma Mushroom Spawn Seed

  PRODUCT DESCRIPTION :  Color :  Fresh, White Features :  No Artificial Flavour, No Preservatives Shelf Life :  1 Month Packaging :  box Part :  Vegetable, Mushroom Cultivation Type :  Common, Organic Contamination free product. 100% organic. Very vigorous and a fast colonizer Box weighs approximately 250g, Grain Spawn                                                                  IMPORTANT NOTE:    This product is fresh produce and should be processed immediately after delivery. If the product cannot be processed immediately, it can be stored in the fridge for a maximum of two weeks. Cultivation technology of  Ganoderma lucidum The cultivation technology of the medicinal mushroom  Ganoderma lucidum  commonly called as shriyap mushroom has been standardized on locally available substrates. The steps  of the technology is as follows. Substrate preparation (Mixture of wet sawdust and rice bran) Fill one Kg wet substrate (65% moisture) to Polypropylene   bags, plug with non-absorbent c

Milky mushroom spawn

  Milky mushrooms  (Calocybe indica) are warm loving  mushroom  species suitable for the subtropical and tropical climate types. ...  Mushroom spawn  is essentially sawdust permeated with  mushroom  mycelia. From mycelium emerges an upward-growing umbrella-shaped fruit, called  mushroom .  M.R.P.:   1000.00 Price:   493.00   +  59.00 shipping You Save:   507.00 Discount:   51%
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Best Domain Rating Services. Increase Ahref DR, Buy DR+90, DR +80, DR +70
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